When is drop-off and pick-up?
Girls should arrive at 9:00am and be picked up by 3:30pm. If you would like extended hours, you can enroll in early-bird drop off (starting at 8am) and/or after-camp (until 5:30pm) for an additional fee.

What do girls need to bring with them to camp?
Girls need to bring a nut-free packed lunch and water bottle. We store all food and lunches in our refrigerators. Girls should wear comfortable clothes and shoes – we move around a lot! The camp tank-top should be worn on any trips, and bathing suits and towels should be brought for water days. We will notify families in advance.

Do the girls spend time outside, or in activities other than their class theme?
Absolutely! We take plenty of breaks during the day, and all of our locations offer wonderful outdoor areas for non-competitive games, free play or just hanging out. Campers also join in projects and activities as a larger group, outside of their specific theme classes. Girls in different classes have a chance to see and get to know each other.

Do the girls go swimming or take trips?
Due to regulations that vary by county, we are only able to offer swimming at some locations: currently, Springside and The Community School. Girls at other locations do have water time, in sprinklers and slip-in-slides, if they’d like to jump in! Regarding trips, small groups may take short neighborhood excursions, but we do not take long off-campus trips. We stay very busy at camp; big trips are hot, long and tiring. We do, however, invite visitors to camp to share special skills and projects with the girls.

Can my daughter be in the same class with her friend?
Sure! Just make sure they register for the same theme, during the same week. You can also let us know in the ‘notes’ section of the online registration form.

How big are the classes?
Class size is generally 8-10 girls, with a minimum size of 6, and maximum size of 12.

Do you offer busing? Can I carpool?
Due to high cost of busing, and low number of families interested in this option, we are not able to offer busing to any of our locations. However, if you are interested in carpooling, we are happy to try to connect you with a nearby family. This works out well for many of our camper families.

What about medications or allergies?
Caring for the health and safety of our students is our top priority. Please note all important health information in the health forms. Please also contact us directly if your daughter will be bringing medication to camp, or if your daughter has a severe allergy to food, insects or anything else.

What sorts of forms do I need to fill out? When are they due?
We require completed health forms, a signed camp contract and payment in full by June 1, 2012. All forms can be downloaded from our “Camp Forms” section. You may use the health form we provide here, or simply bring a photocopy of the form you have on hand.

How do I sign-up?
Easy! Just click REGISTER. You will be directed to our secure online registration system. You will select your location, dates and themes, and reserve your space with a deposit.

Where are you, and how can I reach you?
Our main office is in Brooklyn, NY and we work with many wonderful women who help us coordinate our programs in different cities. When the camps open, we will list the direct contact information for each location. Until then…

Call us! 800.883.2540 or 718.369.6320
Email us!  info@curiousjanecamp.com
Send us your forms! Curious Jane, PO Box 380935, Brooklyn, NY 11238